Haus Florian
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Please on request! Enjoy our wellness with sauna, steam bath, or infrared-fit-healthcabin and give your body easy new energy and do for you something extraordinary – to fell well and good. (only in winter and for a fee)
In summer you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool at Haus Gerhard next door.


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Relaxe and enjoy after a hard ski- or snowboard day. 


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The sweat by a temperature from only about 30° degree relieved your body from poison and waste products, to strengthen the circulation and to aid the metabolism.


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An agreeable sweating it´s like a sauna but with an other climate. It´s not so hot as a sauna it´s more humid. Beautysteambath, fragrant herbagesteambath.

Familie Klotz * Unterwaldstraße 34 * 6450 Sölden * Tel. +43 5254 2138 *